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What is BiNET?


BiNET stands for Bioscience Information Network. It is a community driven online network, which is free to join and robust at scientific developments; and knowledge sharing. It publishes peer review scholarly international journals, read more. All journals are open acess for greater audience readership and scientific advancement. It publishes journals in the platform of Journal BiNET.



How can i publish my article with Journal BiNET?


Journal BiNET is a fastest growing platform which publishes peer review article of multidisciplinary fields. We publish original research, review paper, case study, technical report, short communication. We have an established and comprehensive full service online system for publication of articles that make sure processing and publication faster & easier for the benefits of authors. Submit article to submit@journalbinet.com or follow online submission to start the article publication process.


List of featured journals:


Journal of Bioscience and Agriculture Research

Journal of Science, Technology and Environment Informatics

International Journal of Business, Management and Social Research

Journal of Molecular Studies and Medicine Research



Can i join as reviewer and editor of journals?


Yes. You can Join as Reviewer and Editor for our different online scientific journals. All the review and editorial boards are composed of potential expert editor and reviewer from home and abroad. You are alwats welcome !



What happens when i submit an article for publication?


Once we receive an article, we acknowledge the receipt of it to your email address preferably within 24 hours. Then, we evaluate your article for further processing and review. If you article is primarily accepted, then we will inform you about the primary acceptance of your article for publication in the next issue of our online scientific journal(s) which is more relevant to your article subject matter. You will also receive email about authorization and payment for publication fee of your article after the primary acceptance.



Where can i get author guidelines and submission checklist?


You can download extended author guidelines as PDF. You can also download submission checklist as PDF.



How can i contact the editorial office?


Please email us at contact@binet.info. You are encourgaed to contact us via contact form.

Bioscience Information Network

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