All authors, reviewers and editors including personnel of editorial office are highly socially responsible for knowledge development.


Bioscience Information Network is entitled and entrusted for gathering and sharing of online information within the scope of biosciences, agriculture, other sciences, technoloy, business and the environment as such food security, health issues, engineering technologies, bioinformatics, environment, natural resources, climate issues, innovations, management, social research etc. to contribute in education; and various online assistance for food security, social development, environmental protection and contribute in the economic sustainability. We are committed for Open Access educational resources and online assistance at the appraisal of education, students, academicians, researchers etc. and for the people who have substantial impact on development of the society.

BiNET publishes peer review and international online journals. These journals are open access so that information becomes readily available for global users and greater readership is ensured as such.

At BiNET, we support authors for various types of publications in our systems. We are aware that many scientists may have difficulty in covering costs related to their publications due to lack of financial resources. We are able to support such researchers awarding exemption from payment of processing and publication charge based on scientific merits. We do have processing charge which is nominal and common with many other open access publishers; but the fact that we enable and guide some of the authors to participate and publish scientific finding and their literature with us.

We committed for sustainability and protection of the environment through efficient functional processes and minimizing paper works, waste and emissions. Digital online materials sharing and publishing are not only a convenient way of publishing; rather it is also an environmental friendly approach. Given that million of tons of carbon dioxide are produced annually from the production of documents, books; which is coupled by manpower and energy sources, and as such environmental sustainability considerations of BiNET favors the connectivity services manifold over the conventional approach.

BiNET maintains a open Scientific Community to perform the functionality and efficiency related to their information connectivity services of knowledge development, food security and environmental protection. Any one can join with with us at any time without any obstacle, such as membership/registration requirements, and contribute on our various online services in many ways. Thus, we always welcome you to join with us and strengthen our information connectivity services as such improve information connectivity, online assistance, food security, environmental protection and social security.

Bioscience Information Network

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